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Puppy Love

How one bettor showed his love for Pinnacle Sports

Feb 10, 2013

With its unique approach to bookmaking Pinnacle Sports has gained a loyal and passionate following, and it always puts a smile on our faces when our players let us know that we are doing a good job. One recent story we received from a player in Portugal however, demonstrates a special kind of admiration; he named his new dog after the world’s best bookmaker.

João’s tale starts on a sad note. Last year, his faithful canine companion of 14 years unfortunately passed away, leaving a four-legged void in his life.

In December João adopted a cute little puppy but struggled to find a suitable name for his new best friend. He searched long and hard for inspiration, trying to think of a name that would befit a loyal, reliable and trustworthy companion. The name he eventually came up with … Iris Pinnacle.

João is no casual bettor, he is a dedicated arbitrager, and so more than anyone appreciates the approach Pinnacle Sports takes, given we are unique among bookmakers with our Arbitrage Friendly Policy.

Why we are the arbitrager’s best friend

João explains in his words why Pinnacle Sports are the arbitrager’s best friend:

“Pinnacle Sports is what I depend on to pay the rent, the bills, to eat and to survive. It is the very unique bookmaker that allow us to play big and at a small-juice. If you are starting in arbitrage betting or you are a professional arber, this is the bookmaker you got to have. Pinnacle Sports is not just a bookmaker, it is the one all the other bookmakers wished to be!”

Share Your Story

If you – like João – are an avid Pinnacle Sports fan, and have done something dramatic to show it, please share your stories by sending them to or @PinnacleSports.

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Puppy Love

How one bettor showed his love for Pinnacle Sports