Betting FAQs

Can I make wagers via the telephone using my Internet account?

Unfortunately telephone bets are not accepted at Pinnacle Sports.

Do you charge commission on winning bets?

No. Unlike an exchange, Pinnacle Sports never charges commission on winning bets. What you see is what you win.

Can I make the same bet more than once to increase my potential winnings?

Yes you can. At Pinnacle Sports we encourage clients to build or cover positions with successive single bets so it is possible to bet the maximum amount repeatedly each time the price changes to increase your stake and potential winnings on any match. Alternately, if the odds or line remains unchanged after placing your initial bet, you will be able to bet again at the same price once a set period of time has elapsed.

Can I change or cancel wagers on the Internet?

Unfortunately no plays can be cancelled or changed once a bet has been placed and confirmed. However, all internet plays are clearly displayed for review and for your added protection, you will be prompted to confirm your selections before they are submitted.

What is the maximum bet amount allowed?

Our maximum limits are generally the highest of any bookmaker. You will need a Pinnacle Sports account to see them, but are clearly indicated alongside odds when you are logged in (see image). They vary by sport, league and event.


On any bet page you'll see the Maximum Bet amount for each available bet type displayed at the top of the columns of odds. Individual games may have a limit that is actually lower than the Maximum Bet - indicated by a red circle - or higher - indicated by a blue circle. By hovering over the circles, you will see a small floating orange box displaying the applicable limit amount. Limits tend to increase towards the start of the event, when they are at the Maximum limit.

What is the minimum bet amount allowed?

The minimum bet amount allowed is $1 USD or the equivalent in your currency. This is the same for the two bet placement options available: Risk - where you input your preferred bet amount - and To Win - where you indicate the amount you want To Win and the required bet amount is automatically indicated for you.

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