Betting Strategy & Psychology

Using examples to highlight the importance of low betting margins

Do you know what a 'margin' is and how crucial it is to your betting? The bigger the bookmaker's margin, the more accurate you have to be with your bets to make a long-term profit. Find out more.

Mean, mode and median crucial concepts for betting

The most popular way to assess data for betting purposes is to use an average, but is it the most useful? The mode and median often provide a more suitable alternative, so understanding them is crucial for successful betting.

A powerful tool to beat the betting market

Recently, the official Pinnacle Sports Twitter account has been sharing data on the percentage of bets made on either side of selected major markets. Understand the benefits to our Twitter followers and how to use the information.

Kelly Criterion: Determine how much you should bet

Bettors should always look for a mathematical edge rather than rely on their impulses. Learning how to use the Kelly Criterion, for example, is a great way for bettors to determine how much they should stake.

Why Pinnacle Sports' API can improve your betting

Pinnacle Sports is renowned for offering great value. In addition, there is another equally important, but lesser known free service it provides that offers bettors a potentially huge advantage – an API for automated betting.