Betting Strategy & Psychology

Determining how much to bet using the Kelly Criterion

Bettors shouldn't act on impulse, but instead look for a mathematical edge. Learning how to use the Kelly Criterion can give mathematical reasoning to determine how much you should stake.

Why Pinnacle Sports' API can improve your betting

Pinnacle Sports is renowned for offering great value. In addition, there is another equally important, but lesser known free service it provides that offers bettors a potentially huge advantage – an API for automated betting.

Improve your betting by reading these books

Want to know the best reads for betting? Our Head of Sportsbook was asked to recommend the best betting related books he had read. Find out what his choice was, and why it is so surprising.

Using a Monte Carlo model to predict sports

What models do you use to guide your bets? If you haven’t heard of Monte Carlo simulation you could be missing out.

Using the 1X2 market to produce Draw No Bet odds

If you ever feel constrained by traditional 1X2 options then a Draw No Bet (DNB) option could be what you are looking for. Find out how to calculate this.