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The unbeatable value of Pinnacle Sports’ odds is simple: our odds are the best online. There are no terms and conditions or commission – unlike misleading promotions offered by traditional bookmakers.

Best Odds – What Does This Mean?

Bookmakers make a profit by offering odds that do not fully represent the statistical probability of an event. This extra bit is known as the bookmaker edge or margin. Because Pinnacle Sports’ odds are the best around, our margins are the lowest around, which is why betting with us ensures that you have a better chance to win more.

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Best Odds – Don’t Settle for Industry Average

Bettors should understand the huge variation in bookmaker margins, as this shows the true value of their odds and determines how successful a bettor must be to achieve long-term profit.

On the 2013/14 Premier League spread, some bookmakers priced their market margin as high as 10%, compared to Pinnacle Sports’ market leading 2%.

As an example the image below highlights the vast differential in potential payouts, something bettors can overlook. Don’t settle for anything less this soccer season; give yourself the best chance to win more by using Pinnacle Sports.

Best Odds – No Hidden Charges

Many bettors assume that betting exchanges offer better value, but overlook the impact of commission (up to 5% on winnings), and Premium Charges on successful players. Pinnacle Sports doesn’t apply any commission or hidden charges: what you see is what you get. This is why our odds are the best odds around, and even better than exchanges.

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