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Super Bantamweight: Josh Wale vs James Dickens

Fri 3/6Josh Wale vs James Dickens
11:00 AM1859 Josh Wale   3.900
 1860 James Dickens   1.285

Super Flyweight: Zolani Tete vs Paul Butler

Fri 3/6Zolani Tete vs Paul Butler
01:00 PM1851 Zolani Tete   2.800
 1852 Paul Butler   1.454

Super Lightweight: John Molina vs Adrien Broner

Sat 3/7John Molina vs Adrien Broner
07:00 PM1905 John Molina   7.000
 1906 Adrien Broner   1.111

Welterweight: Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather Jr

Sat 5/2Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather Jr
09:00 PM2101 Manny Pacquiao   2.810
 2102 Floyd Mayweather Jr   1.495
Sat 5/2Total Rounds: (M. Pacquiao vs F. Mayweather Jr)
09:00 PM2103 Over11.5 Rounds      1.332
 2104 Under11.5 Rounds      3.650

Welterweight: Robert Guerrero vs Keith Thurman

Sat 3/7Robert Guerrero vs Keith Thurman
08:00 PM1901 Robert Guerrero   5.750
 1902 Keith Thurman   1.160