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Light Heavyweight: Blake Caparello vs Sergey Kovalev

Sat 8/2Blake Caparello vs Sergey Kovalev
06:45 PM1821 Blake Caparello   11.010
 1822 Sergey Kovalev   1.049

Light Welterweight: Anton Novikov vs Jessie Vargas

Sat 8/2Anton Novikov vs Jessie Vargas
06:45 PM1805 Anton Novikov   4.250
 1806 Jessie Vargas   1.235
Sat 8/2Total Rounds (A. Novikov vs J. Vargas)
06:45 PM1807 Over8.5 Rounds      1.235
 1808 Under8.5 Rounds      4.250

Welterweight: Diego Chaves vs Brandon Rios

Sat 8/2Diego Chaves vs Brandon Rios
08:00 PM1801 Diego Chaves   2.300
 1802 Brandon Rios   1.666
Sat 8/2Total Rounds (D. Chaves vs B. Rios)
08:00 PM1803 Over9.5 Rounds      1.512
 1804 Under9.5 Rounds      2.650

Welterweight: Marcos Maidana vs Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Sat 9/13Marcos Maidana vs Floyd Mayweather Jr.
09:00 PM1601 Marcos Maidana   7.000
 1602 Floyd Mayweather Jr.   1.121