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Featherweight: Jayson Velez vs Evgeny Gradovich

Sat 11/29Jayson Velez vs Evgeny Gradovich
06:15 PM1505 Jayson Velez   5.500
 1506 Evgeny Gradovich   1.133

Heavyweight: Dereck Chisora vs Tyson Fury

Sat 11/29Dereck Chisora vs Tyson Fury
02:30 PM1521 Dereck Chisora   3.500
 1522 Tyson Fury   1.333
Sat 11/29Total Rounds (D. Chisora vs T. Fury)
02:30 PM1523 Over9.5 Rounds      1.714
 1524 Under9.5 Rounds      2.200

Lightweight: Raymundo Beltran vs Terence Crawford

Sat 11/29Raymundo Beltran vs Terence Crawford
07:15 PM1501 Raymundo Beltran   8.500
 1502 Terence Crawford   1.086
Sat 11/29Total Rounds: (R. Beltran vs T. Crawford)
07:15 PM1503 Over9.5 Rounds      1.327
 1504 Under9.5 Rounds      3.450

Middleweight: Chris Eubank Jr vs Billy Joe Saunders

Sat 11/29Chris Eubank Jr vs Billy Joe Saunders
01:30 PM1525 Chris Eubank Jr   1.909
 1526 Billy Joe Saunders   1.909
Sat 11/29Total Round: (C. Eubank Jr vs B.J. Saunders)
01:30 PM1527 Over9.5 Rounds      1.512
 1528 Under9.5 Rounds      2.650

Welterweight: Bradley Skeete vs Frankie Gavin

Sat 11/29Bradley Skeete vs Frankie Gavin
01:00 PM1529 Bradley Skeete   3.450
 1530 Frankie Gavin   1.327