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Cruiserweight: Garrett Wilson vs Thabiso McHunu

Sat 9/20Garrett Wilson vs Thabiso McHunu
12:45 PM1641 Garrett Wilson   9.000
 1642 Thabiso McHunu   1.083
Sat 9/20Total Rounds (G. Wilson vs T. McHunu)
12:45 PM1643 Over9.5 Rounds      1.465
 1644 Under9.5 Rounds      2.750

Super Middleweight: Christopher Rebrasse vs George Groves

Sat 9/20Christopher Rebrasse vs George Groves
02:00 PM1621 Christopher Rebrasse   12.500
 1622 George Groves   1.046
Sat 9/20Total rounds: C. Rebrasse vs G. Groves)
02:00 PM1623 Over10.5 Rounds      3.200
 1624 Under10.5 Rounds      1.384

Super Middleweight: Paul Smith vs Arthur Abraham

Sat 9/27Paul Smith vs Arthur Abraham
01:00 PM1651 Paul Smith   5.250
 1652 Arthur Abraham   1.190

Welterweight: Chris Algieri vs Manny Pacquiao

Sat 11/22Chris Algieri vs Manny Pacquiao
05:00 AM1501 Chris Algieri   9.000
 1502 Manny Pacquiao   1.083