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Bundesliga Betting

5 Reasons Why Dortmund Win the Bundesliga

Aug 31, 2012

Borussia Dortmund have convincingly held off Munich for the last two seasons, but can they do it again? We’ve noticed five ways in which Dortmund have gone the extra mile, and ask what this means for Bundesliga betting.

Winning Spree

Borussia Dortmund have shown an amazing ability to string together long stretches of wins over the past two seasons. 2011/12 saw the Black and Yellows go on eight-game and six-game winning streaks, while 2010/11 saw the Borussians earn two separate seven-game winnings sprees.

Bayern Munich have strung together two winning sprees in the same period, with less impressive runs of six and five wins in 2011/12.

Down, Never Out

In the last two seasons, Dortmund have picked themselves straight back up after suffering a defeat. Only once have they suffered back-to-back defeats, while title rivals have succumbed to three back-to-back beatings.

The German Invincibles?

While the champions haven’t gone a whole season unbeaten, they have managed to string together some very impressive unbeaten runs. 2011/12 saw the side go 28 games without defeat (ironically after suffering back-to-back defeats), while Bundesliga betting fans witnessed a 16-game unbeaten run in 2010/11.

A Season of Two Halves

The last two seasons have seen Dortmund peak in different halves of the season. The first half of 2010/11 saw Dortmund drop just seven points, while the champions dropped just four points post-Christmas 2011.

Bounce-Back Ability

Except for one two occasions in two seasons, Dortmund have bounced back from a loss with a win. Taking draws into account, the Black and Yellows have dropped points twice in a row just five times in their last 68 Bundesliga games.

What Does This Mean for Bundesliga Betting?

There are three particularly interesting trends that could be factors to consider for Bundesliga betting. The first is that Dortmund nearly always bounce-back from a defeat with a win. After two seasons, it could be argued that this is a deliberate response from the team – they know that they can’t afford to drop points, and so always go out to prove a point after a defeat.

The second trend is that after winning four games in a row, Dortmund have gone on to win the next twos. Does the added confidence of a few wins buoy the team to more victories?

Finally, Dortmund ended 2011/12 having gone unbeaten for 28 weeks. With a streak this good, how long can they last before dropping points? Will bookmakers for Bundesliga betting over-estimate Dortmund’s chances based on unnaturally good form, and thus creating better value for betting on the opposition?

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